KathakboxKathakbox is the latest production from one of the UK’s most dynamic dance companies. Sonia Sabri Company celebrates the unique, diverse energy of modern urban spaces through a brand new dance style: Urban Kathak.

Kathakbox brings together Indian Kathak dance’s grace and vigour and the rhythms & rhymes of Hip Hop culture. Complex percussive patterns converse with beatbox and the verbal dexterity of Kathak rap (Kavitt) layers with urban poetry.

Kathakbox does not ‘box in’ these genres to a particular time or place, but discovers the raw spirit and heartbeat of each art form which reverberate between cultures. Reflecting the diverse, intersecting rhythms of the human experience, Kathakbox encourages us to ‘think outside the box’.

This bold, heart-pounding production features artistic director Sonia Sabri performing with an exceptionally talented team of dancers, spoken word, vocal and beatbox artists, including tabla maestro Sarvar Sabri, dynamic b-boy Nathan Geering,Kathakboxdancers Amayra Fuller and Suzanne Grubham, acclaimed vocalist Marcina Arnold and beatboxer Shan Basil. Hip Hop guru Jonzi D injects attitude as the production’s artistic consultant and the renowned poet Zena Edwards weaves her spell of poetry as guest composer.

Speed, power, grace, rhyme and rhythm, this promises to be an unforgettable evening and artistic highlight of the year.

Kathakbox UK tour is supported by Arts Council, England. Kathakbox is a co-production with mac and has also been commissioned by The Place, PRS Foundation, The Drum and Birmingham City Council. International residency is presented in partnership with ADACH, Abu Dhabi, and the British Council.

Kathakbox is all about conversation, between people, cultures, genres and art forms, through different languages: spoken, unspoken, and digital.  In the run-up to our visit we aim to start the conversation via social media, supporting our aims of audience development and engagement, promoting Birmingham’s culture and the quality of the work of BCU students.

BCU MA Social Media students Leonie Brueckner and Karen Kiely are creating and developing the online presence of Kathakbox through social media channels (including this blog, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Youtube).  This blog aims to act as an online hub to start and host the conversation between artists and young people in the UK and UAE.  This will be a site that we can all feed into: artists and students from the UK and UAE can share ideas and make connections through this shared space.

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