Sonia Sabri Co’s dance & music classes are starting soon…

Alongside touring, Sonia Sabri Company also offer dance and music classes! These are an exciting opportunity for people of all ages and experiences to discover the joy and versatility of Indian dance and music, with acclaimed professional performers and teachers.

Classes take place at mac (Midlands Arts Centre), Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham. All classes start week beginning 12th September, and each term lasts for 12 weeks. To book, call mac on 0121 446 3232 or visit

Dance Classes
Join the company on an exploration of the joy of Indian dance! Students will have the opportunity to perform; take grade examinations through ISTD; and opportunity to be recruited by Kathakaars dance and music company led by Sonia Sabri.

Creative Indian Dance: Combining techniques from Indian classical Kathak, folk, contemporary and Urban styles, set to modern Indian fusion. Develop technique, posture, and confidence, and grow into a versatile dancer. These classes are ideal for children, and parents and children.
Saturday 12 – 1pm
Age: 8+ Level: Beginners
Tickets £75.00 (£63.00)
Book online here

Kathak Classes: Kathak is a rich, diverse and rewarding art form which is enjoyable to learn and develops grace, control, posture and above all confidence. Classes will look to create new dance pieces, inspired by other cultural references.
Saturday 1 – 2pm
Age: 8+ Level: Beginners/Improvers
Tickets: £75 (£63)
Book online here

Music classes

Tabla classes: The tabla consists of a set of two drums, treble and bass, and originates from Northern India. In these lively group sessions you will learn basic strokes, rhythm and speed control. The class is taught by renowned performer, composer and teacher Sarvar Sabri.
Wednesdays 7pm-8pm
Age: 8+ to Adult Level: Beginners/Improvers
Price: £85 (£70)
Book online here

Advanced classes and private tuition are also available upon request. For further information please contact Sonia Sabri Company on 0121 442 6742 or email

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Post-show discussion: Sonia on developing the piece

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Sonia on fusion and conversation

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Warming up at Kathakbox

Each artist in Kathakbox has their own personal routine for warm up before a busy day of rehearsals: Marcina recites “box” related words while walking or jogging her way around around the room; Suzanne carries out a series of stretching exercises with a yoga influence; Nathan tends to dive straight into doing some simple breakdancing moves as well as some stretches; Sonia carefully stretches on the floor; Amayra does a few laps of the room and does some simple stretches; and Shan warms up his voice with a series of vocal exercises and by practicing his beatboxing.
Have a look at some of the footage of the warm up taken at Mac on Thursday. Are you a dancer? How do you warm up before practice? Do you have a specific routine or does it change from day to day?

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Shan Bansil

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Marcina Arnold

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Rehearsal, 3rd of February

Some photos from Kathakbox rehearsal and warm-up on Thursday 3rd of February at Mac. Featuring Sonia Sabri, Nathan Geering, Suzanne Grubham, Amayra Fuller, Marcina Arnold and Shan Bansil.

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.

Sonia Sabri

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BoxesKathakbox brings many different artistic genres together, and does not ‘box’ them in as separate or limited to a particular time, place, or society. Kathakbox encourages us to ‘think outside the box’, finding the spirit of each art form which connects and reverberates across cultures. Boxes are something we all deal with in our lives, we ‘tick’ them on forms, we use them to categorise people, places, things, art forms, countries and cultures. We use them to include and to exclude. But what makes us as humans inclined to think in a compartmentalised way? Do we accept other people’s categories and boxes, or do we create our own? Do we need boxes at all, or do we just need them to be more malleable? Do we do things because we mean them, or are we just ‘ticking the box’? And how do we step ‘outside the box’?

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Nathan Geering