BoxesKathakbox brings many different artistic genres together, and does not ‘box’ them in as separate or limited to a particular time, place, or society. Kathakbox encourages us to ‘think outside the box’, finding the spirit of each art form which connects and reverberates across cultures. Boxes are something we all deal with in our lives, we ‘tick’ them on forms, we use them to categorise people, places, things, art forms, countries and cultures. We use them to include and to exclude. But what makes us as humans inclined to think in a compartmentalised way? Do we accept other people’s categories and boxes, or do we create our own? Do we need boxes at all, or do we just need them to be more malleable? Do we do things because we mean them, or are we just ‘ticking the box’? And how do we step ‘outside the box’?

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