Warming up at Kathakbox

Each artist in Kathakbox has their own personal routine for warm up before a busy day of rehearsals: Marcina recites “box” related words while walking or jogging her way around around the room; Suzanne carries out a series of stretching exercises with a yoga influence; Nathan tends to dive straight into doing some simple breakdancing moves as well as some stretches; Sonia carefully stretches on the floor; Amayra does a few laps of the room and does some simple stretches; and Shan warms up his voice with a series of vocal exercises and by practicing his beatboxing.
Have a look at some of the footage of the warm up taken at Mac on Thursday. Are you a dancer? How do you warm up before practice? Do you have a specific routine or does it change from day to day?

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Rehearsal, 3rd of February

Some photos from Kathakbox rehearsal and warm-up on Thursday 3rd of February at Mac. Featuring Sonia Sabri, Nathan Geering, Suzanne Grubham, Amayra Fuller, Marcina Arnold and Shan Bansil.

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.